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Clifford Ford: Principal Compositions

CMC = available from the Canadian Music Centre

Music Theatre, Film and Multi-Media

Hypnos (Stage 1972) (Libretto: Kenneth Peglar, using the writings of St. John of the Cross and St. Catherine of Genoa) 40' SATB, soli, speaker, marimba, piano, tape Commissioned by the Young Canada Opera Theatre CMC

Valley of the Moon (Film 1972) 5' (film by Ron Webber, National Film Board) 4' string trio NFB

Living Space (Multi media 1974) 30' tape, lights, 2 dancers

Rip Van Winkle (arr) (opera 1990) (Opera by Edward B Manning; libretto by Edward B. Manning; selections arranged for orchestra by Clifford Ford) 20.5' Soprano, alto, tenor, bass, chorus, sm orch 1. The Huntsman 2. O'er the darkening leagues 3. Wife, How strange you look CMC


Suite for Orchestra (1973) 20' 2222/4231/2 percussion, harp, celesta(piano)/strings Excerpt: CAPAC Musical Portrait CMC

a little Romance (1985; revised 1990) 11' piano, string orchestra Commissioned by the CBC CMC

Three Medieval English Lyrics (1987; arranged for orchestra 2002) 10.5' 2222/timpani/harp/tenor or soprano solo/strings (Text: 1. The Lily-white rose: Anonymous, 2. I must go walk the woods: Thomas Wyatt, 3. Unfriendly Fortune: John Skelton) CMC

Ganymede: Symphony in Four Movements (1996) 30' 2222/223Tuba/2 percussion, harp/strings CMC


Three Haiku on Loneliness (1968) (Text: Clifford Ford) 6' SSAATTBB CMC

Gloria (1969) (Text: liturgical) 5' SAB CMC

Cantata (1972) (Text: Izumi, Tagore, Kazantzakis, Nietzsche) 22' baritone, SATB, chamber orchestra CMC

Mass (1976) (Text: liturgical) 35' Divisi choir, alto, tenot, bass Commissioned by the Festival Singers of Canada Centrediscs CMC-0281 Spectra CMC

Day of Wrath (1978) (Text: Dies irae from the Mass for the dead) 20' small & large choirs, timpani Commissioned by the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir CMC

Hauntings (1982) (Text: Traditional folk songs) 12' SSA, 2 flutes, oboe, English horn, bassoon, cello, organ Commissioned by Willis Noble CMC

Hauntings Version III (2003) (Text: Traditional folk songs) 12' SSA, piano, organ Commissioned by Kelly Galbraith CMC

  • Contores Celestis, Kelly Galbraith, conductor

The Rose (1988) Thomas Phillipps, William Dunbar, Anonymous, Choir SSA, 3 cl. Commissioned by Willis Noble CMC

Requiem for Those who have Died of AIDS (1992) (Text:Liturgical; Timothy Anderson) 45' contralto, TTBB (SATB), flute, english horn, bells, percussion, harp, strings (or organ). CMC

Three Jimmies: 1.) As Jimmie went a-hunting; 2.) Lost Jimmy Whalan; 3).Lovely Jimmy (2002) Traditional folk songs 17' Choir divisi CMC

Three Medieval Love Songs: 1.) Love Letter; 2.) Sweet Rose of Virtue; 3.) Most Sovereign Lady (2003) William Dunbar & Anonymous 16th century 11' Choir (SATB), Viola obligato Commissioned by Kevin James for the Kanata Choral Society CMC


Atman-Source (1969) 6' clarinet,viola,piano Winning composition of the first CMC

Telekinesis for Eight Instrumentalists (1969) flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, piano, string trio CMC

Trio 6'20" (1970) 6'20" piano, viola, cello CMC

Alliances for Winds (1975; rev. 2007) 10' woodwind quintet CMC

Metamorphose (1977) 17' piano trio Commissioned by the Dalart Trio Recording: CBC RCI-551 CMC

Forbidden Colours (1983) 10' oboe d'amore, organ (also arranged for oboe, organ) Commissioned by Willis Noble CMC

  • Belinda Cole, Oboe d'amore, Willis Noble, organ

Variations on Acadia (1985, revised 2003) 15' organ, string quartet Commissioned by Willis Noble CMC

a little Romance (1985; revised 1990) 11' piano quintet Commissioned by the CBC CMC

String Quartet 2002 (2002) 18' string quartet First performed Ottawa Chamber Music Society, January 2003 CMC

Omaggio (2007) 11' 30" String Nonet (4 / 2 / 2 / 1) CMC

Instrumental Solo

Variations for Guitar Solo (1971) 8' CMC


Epicycles Nos. 1, 2 & 3 (1970) 8' CMC

Piece for Organ, No. 1 (1972) 6' CMC

Variations on Alexander Davidson's Toronto(1992) 10' Commissioned by the Toronto Chapter of the Royal Canadian College of Organists. Publication: Jaymar Music.


Journey (1967) (Text: Clifford Ford) alto,string quartet CMC

From the Four Seasons (1971) (Text: Japanese poets; translated by Peter Beilenson) mezzo, piano CMC

Thorybopoioumenoi (1972) (Text: Clifford Ford) soprano, flute, viola, tape CMC

Halifax, 6 December, 1917 (1979) (Text: Clifford Ford) 15' soprano, guitar Commissioned by the CBC CMC

Songs of the Sea (1979) (Text: Traditional folksongs from Helen Creighton's Songs of Nova Scotia) 15' soprano, piano Commissioned by the Bronfman Family Foundation CMC

Three Medieval English Lyrics (1987; revised 1990) (Text: 1. The Lily-white rose: Anonymous; 2. I must go walk the woods: Thomas Wyatt; 3. Unfriendly Fortune: John Skelton) 10.5' CMC


Pulse Tape 1970 CMC

Study Tape 1970 CMC